Henry Eagle

Henry Eagle
b: Sep 1850
d: 1907
  • Sep 1850 - Birth - ; Ipswich, Suffolk, England
  • 1907 - Death -
  • 1851 - Residence - Relation to Head of House: Son ; Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
  • 1851 - Residence - Relation to Head of House: Son ; Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
28 May 1790 -
James Eagle
2 Oct 1813 - 1 Jun 1883
Henry Eagle
Sep 1850 - 1907
Eliza Drake
29 Aug 1818 - 15 Aug 1891
1795 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Eagle
Birth2 Oct 1813West Winch, Norfolk, England
Death1 Jun 1883 Horsham, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1840to Eliza Drake at Ipswich, Suffolk, England
FatherHenry EAGLE
MotherMary Pearson
PARENT (F) Eliza Drake
Birth29 Aug 1818St. Mary, Stokes, Suffolk, Eng., Suffolk, England
Death15 Aug 1891 Horsham, Victoria, Australia
Marriage1840to James Eagle at Ipswich, Suffolk, England
FatherJames Drake
MJohn Eagle
Birth22 Dec 1859Wonwondah, Victoria, Australia
Death22 Jul 1910Horsham, Victoria, Australia
MSamuel Eagle
Birth1854Horsham, Victoria, Australia
Death10 Oct 1918Horsham, Victoria, Australia
FElizabeth Ann Eagle
BirthMar 1852Norfolk, England
Death18 Mar 1884Horsham, Victoria, Australia
MHenry Eagle
BirthSep 1850Ipswich, Suffolk, England
FMartha Eagle
BirthApr 1843Norfolk, England
Death24 Sep 1897Hillston, New South Wales, Australia
MJames Eagle
Birth1841Ipswich, Norfolk, England
Death1913Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia
FMary Ann Eagle
Birth1858Horsham, Vic, Australia
Death1922Mildura, Vic, Australia
Marriage1 Oct 1887to John Johnston at Horsham, Vic, Australia