Bown Transcripts

This page contains transcripts, in no particular order, from the various Bown family birth, death and marriage certificates that I have accumulated. Where there are other people listed on the same record (and their names are legible), I will list their names in case it is someone you are researching.

MARRIAGE: Samuel Bown (b 1833) & Catherine Long

When Married: December 9, 1861
Where Married: Streatham Hotel
Who Married:

Samuel Bown, Bachelor, birthplace Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Age: 27
Profession: Labourer
Parents: Robert Bown (carpenter). Ann Bown (nee Bradbury).

Catherine Long, Spinster, birthplace Cork, Ireland
Age: 24
Profession: Domestic Servant
Parents:  Dennis Long (miller). Norah (?) Long (nee Gallagher)

Others on this record:
Walter Newton/Maria McClure married December 23, 1861 at Carranballac Station
John Telford Pierce/Julia Purcell married December 23rd, 1861 at Skipton

DEATH: Catherine Bown (nee Long)

Relationship: Catherine was Samuel Bown’s wife.

Date of Death: March 16, 1912
Place of Death: Bowman St, Warracknabeal
Age: 75 years
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
Father & Mother: Dennis Long, mother ‘unknown’
Informant: Samuel Bown, Son, Warracknabeal
Burial Date & Place: March 17, 1912, Warracknabeal Cemetery
Where Born: Cork, Ireland
How Long In Aust.: 56 years in Victoria
Where Married: Wickliffe, Victoria
Married at What Age: 21 years
Married to Whom: Samuel
Children (with ages): Annie(49),Robert(47),Catherine(46),Mary Ann(44),Alice & Elizabeth(twins 42),Sarah(38),Samuel(35),Ellen(32)

Others on this record

Douglas McCulloch – died February 15, 1912
Robert Sleep – died February 22,1912
Elsie Rose Coleman – died March 14, 1912

BIRTH: Samuel Bown (b 1875)

Relationship: Samuel was the youngest son of Samuel Bown and Catherine Bown (nee Long)

Date of Birth: December 13, 1875
Place of Birth: Yarriambiack Creek
Father: Samuel Bown, age 43, Farmer
Father’s Birthplace: Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Mother: Catherine Bown (nee Long), age 36
Mother’s Birthplace: Cork, Ireland
Informant: Samuel Bown (father), Farmer, Yarriambiack Creek
Witness: Anne Bown
Registration Date/Place:  January 5, 1876, Horsham
Issue (siblings of newborn):

Annie (13)
Robert (11)
Catherine (9)
Mary Ann (6)
Elizabeth (4)
Alice (4)
Sarah (2)

Others on this record

Mary Ann Murphy b. November 5, 1875 at Kalkee (parents John & Margaret)
James Henry Bennett b. January 2, 1876 at Horsham (parents Benjamin & Janet)
Charlotte Elizabeth White b. October 31, 1875 at Kewell (parents  Richard & Louisa Mary)

MARRIAGE: Samuel Bown (b 1875) & Ellen Milbourne

When Married: February 13, 1899
Where Married: the manse, Warracknabeal
Who Married:

Samuel Bown, Bachelor, birthplace Jung Jung
Age: 23
Profession: Coach Smith
Parents: Samuel Bown (labourer), Catherine Longphil

Ellen Milbourne, Spinster, birthplace Byaduk
Age: 25
Profession: General Servant
Parents:  Alfred Milbourne (gardener). Ellen Scott
Witnesses: William Trew, Mary Ann Trew
Celebrant: William Miller Mackie, Presybyterian Church minister

Others on this record:
Joseph Barrett/Elizabeth Jane Simpson married January 21, 1899 at the manse, Warracknabeal
James Frederick Sindrey/Erato Annie Francis married January 26, 1899 at the manse, Warracknabeal

DEATH: Samuel Bown (b 1875)

Relationship: Samuel was the youngest son of Samuel Bown and Catherine Bown (nee Long) and the husband of Ellen Milbourne.

Date of Death: August 21, 1954
Place of Death: 6 Jenkin St, East Brunswick
Age: 78 years
Cause of Death: Bronchopneumonia 4 days, Senile atherosclerosis many months
Father & Mother: Samuel Bown, Catherine Bown, maiden name unknown, Farmer.
Informant: A H Allison, authorised agent, Sydney Road Brunswick
Burial Date & Place: August 23, 1954, Fawkner Cemetery
Where Born: Jung Jung, Victoria
How Long In Aust.: 78 years in Victoria
Where Married: Warracknabeal, Victoria
Married at What Age: 22 years
Married to Whom: Ellen Milbourne
Children (with ages): Francis Alfred James(55),Ellen Margurite(deceased),Marjorie Olive(51)


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