Bown Transcripts

This page contains transcripts, in no particular order, from the various Bown family birth, death and marriage certificates that I have accumulated. Where there are other people listed on the same record (and their names are legible), I will list their names in case it is someone you are researching.

MARRIAGE: Samuel Bown (b 1833) & Catherine Long

When Married: December 9, 1861
Where Married: Streatham Hotel
Who Married:

Samuel Bown, Bachelor, birthplace Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Age: 27
Profession: Labourer
Parents: Robert Bown (carpenter). Ann Bown (nee Bradbury).

Catherine Long, Spinster, birthplace Cork, Ireland
Age: 24
Profession: Domestic Servant
Parents:  Dennis Long (miller). Norah (?) Long (nee Gallagher)

Others on this record:
Walter Newton/Maria McClure married December 23, 1861 at Carranballac Station
John Telford Pierce/Julia Purcell married December 23rd, 1861 at Skipton

DEATH: Catherine Bown (nee Long)

Relationship: Catherine was Samuel Bown’s wife.

Date of Death: March 16, 1912
Place of Death: Bowman St, Warracknabeal
Age: 75 years
Cause of Death: Heart Failure
Father & Mother: Dennis Long, mother ‘unknown’
Informant: Samuel Bown, Son, Warracknabeal
Burial Date & Place: March 17, 1912, Warracknabeal Cemetery
Where Born: Cork, Ireland
How Long In Aust.: 56 years in Victoria
Where Married: Wickliffe, Victoria
Married at What Age: 21 years
Married to Whom: Samuel
Children (with ages): Annie(49),Robert(47),Catherine(46),Mary Ann(44),Alice & Elizabeth(twins 42),Sarah(38),Samuel(35),Ellen(32)

Others on this record

Douglas McCulloch – died February 15, 1912
Robert Sleep – died February 22,1912
Elsie Rose Coleman – died March 14, 1912

BIRTH: Samuel Bown (b 1875)

Relationship: Samuel was the youngest son of Samuel Bown and Catherine Bown (nee Long)

Date of Birth: December 13, 1875
Place of Birth: Yarriambiack Creek
Father: Samuel Bown, age 43, Farmer
Father’s Birthplace: Bakewell, Derbyshire, England
Mother: Catherine Bown (nee Long), age 36
Mother’s Birthplace: Cork, Ireland
Informant: Samuel Bown (father), Farmer, Yarriambiack Creek
Witness: Anne Bown
Registration Date/Place:  January 5, 1876, Horsham
Issue (siblings of newborn):

Annie (13)
Robert (11)
Catherine (9)
Mary Ann (6)
Elizabeth (4)
Alice (4)
Sarah (2)

Others on this record

Mary Ann Murphy b. November 5, 1875 at Kalkee (parents John & Margaret)
James Henry Bennett b. January 2, 1876 at Horsham (parents Benjamin & Janet)
Charlotte Elizabeth White b. October 31, 1875 at Kewell (parents  Richard & Louisa Mary)

MARRIAGE: Samuel Bown (b 1875) & Ellen Milbourne

When Married: February 13, 1899
Where Married: the manse, Warracknabeal
Who Married:

Samuel Bown, Bachelor, birthplace Jung Jung
Age: 23
Profession: Coach Smith
Parents: Samuel Bown (labourer), Catherine Longphil

Ellen Milbourne, Spinster, birthplace Byaduk
Age: 25
Profession: General Servant
Parents:  Alfred Milbourne (gardener). Ellen Scott
Witnesses: William Trew, Mary Ann Trew
Celebrant: William Miller Mackie, Presybyterian Church minister

Others on this record:
Joseph Barrett/Elizabeth Jane Simpson married January 21, 1899 at the manse, Warracknabeal
James Frederick Sindrey/Erato Annie Francis married January 26, 1899 at the manse, Warracknabeal

DEATH: Samuel Bown (b 1875)

Relationship: Samuel was the youngest son of Samuel Bown and Catherine Bown (nee Long) and the husband of Ellen Milbourne.

Date of Death: August 21, 1954
Place of Death: 6 Jenkin St, East Brunswick
Age: 78 years
Cause of Death: Bronchopneumonia 4 days, Senile atherosclerosis many months
Father & Mother: Samuel Bown, Catherine Bown, maiden name unknown, Farmer.
Informant: A H Allison, authorised agent, Sydney Road Brunswick
Burial Date & Place: August 23, 1954, Fawkner Cemetery
Where Born: Jung Jung, Victoria
How Long In Aust.: 78 years in Victoria
Where Married: Warracknabeal, Victoria
Married at What Age: 22 years
Married to Whom: Ellen Milbourne
Children (with ages): Francis Alfred James(55),Ellen Margurite(deceased),Marjorie Olive(51)


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  1. Geoffrey Bowen

    Hi my name is Geoffrey Bowen and I am Annie Bown’s great grandson. My grandfather, John William Bowen, was born in June 1886 and married my grandmother in Warracknabeal in 1919. He was a blacksmith and I understand one of Annie’s brothers was as well. His father Thomas Bowen, a man with many aliases including Thomas Fenton due ti his many offences in Victoria, was charged along with Robert Bown, Annie and her mother Catherine Bown (nee Long) with theft early in 1886. Thomas was living with the family. I beleive Thomas and Robert likely met in prison (Pentridge) when Robert was incarcerated for manslaughter. Thomas and Annie had another son Robert Bowen in 1891 after Thomas was released from prison. I have no doubt that I am descendent of Annie as I have a number of genetic matches with descendents of Mary Ann Bown. I would love to find out more about the Bown family.


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